Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here are some long overdue picts as well

This is the view from near my house. They have burned the hills ( slash and burn) so that the cows can have more area to graze.

This is a photo of my town/ village

This is the Catholic church where I go to service.

Some kids getting water from the pump near my house. It only runs 2x/day so we have to stock up when the pump is on.

The CEG ( middle school) where I work. My house is the one with the fense. The red roof building in one of my classrooms and the other building is the school's office.

These are some of the students in my 2nde class at the Lycee. ( 10th graders)

The office of the Lycee and one of my favorite English teachers. The teachers wear white coats like doctors here. Its a good way to keep chalk off your clothes.

Some of my students in 2nde. These two really are the sweetest girls.

Some more of my highschoolers. They made new desks which are no longer used in class.

This is the view from the Peace Corps training center. It is a really beautiful facility that sits right on the lake.

My training group right after swear-in at the Country Director's house. We are officially PCV's now.

this is my room during training.

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